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Chatime Karama Staffs

I have always been a fan of Chatime eversince. Now, hands up to their honest staffs that made an effort to inform me of my lost wallet. Big Thanks Elvin, Soc and Darlene. God bless you. We will definitely come back to your branch guys.

-Erin Riano Uy

Chatime Satwa

My sister, Brother in-law and me are addicted to this thing! Even got a mug as a gift for being a big fan from them. The staffs are super funny and nice too. We will be back for more!

-Rona Jane Villena

One thing should never change!

Me and my gang of three friends have been meeting at Chatime for a very long time. We have a favorite spot where we always sit and chat !  It’s such an amazing feeling to know how important Chatime has been in the course of our friendship over the years. Right now, i’m supposed to be at work preparing for a presentation but here i am with my childhood friends who’re all supposed to be at office too! Our work and life style might change daily, but the only constant i think, is going to be our visits to Chatime no matter what!


My first cup with my best friend....

It was the first time I had a cup with my friend. I told her that you need to come with me. She asked me “to where”? I said that it was a surprise and she laughed. We went to Chatime, there we sat at the right corner and I told her that I want to talk to you. She asked me what that was. I slowly took out a ring from my pocket and said ‘I love you’ and at that time I was on my knees. She was really surprised and to my surprise she gave me a ring too. I came to know that she wanted to tell me first but… Finally, we become one with a cup of Milk Teas. The day at Chatime became my life’s best day.

-Rahul Arora

A lot can happen over a tea

I had my first date was with her at Chatime. After a lot of sneaking about, I finally got her to come out with me. It was one of the best days of my life :)) not to forget that my friends were there too, who teased me a lot!! I still remember it every time I sit at the couch in the corner. I’ll never forget the guys at chatime who gave me the best tea I’ve EVER had....


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